Tri-Cities, TN

MCL Detachment #969

Detachment Mailing Address: MCL #969, 403 W. Main St., Jonesborough, TN 37659

Detachment EMail: 

Detachment Officers/Staff for 2022 - 2023

Commandant Joe Lunceford 423-239-1008>
Senior Vice Commandant Doug Essinger 423-282-4905
Junior Vice Commandant  Leon Cox 423-239-1008>
Judge Advocate  Brian Maupin 423-239-1008
Junior Past Commandant Brian Maupin 423-239-1008
Adjutant Mike Ugale 423-282-4905
Paymaster Larry Larson 423-282-4905  
Chaplain Ann Larson 423-282-4905 
Sergeant-at-Arms Mike Graham 423-282-4905
Service Officer Mike Graham 423-282-4905
Public Relations    
VAVS Coordinator A. Keith Thompson 423-282-4905
Boy Scouts Liaison    
Web Sergeant Larry H. Bevil 423-288-2089
Toy's-4-Tot's Coordinator  

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