Stars in the Corps

March 25, 2003

The following listed movie celebrities served in the Marine Corps at one time or another.  This information is extracted from a book I recently purchased titled "Stars in the Corps".  The authors are James E. Wise, Jr, and Anne Collier Rehill.    It is published by the Naval Institute Press (  I thought you might be interested in seeing just which of the Hollywood celebrities did serve in the Corps. 

Larry Bevil, webmaster

Here's the list of the Marines addressed in the book:

Don Adams                           Sterling Hayden                      Felton Perry

Paul Benedict                         Louis Hayward                       Lee Powell

Harry Blyden                         George Roy Hill                      Tyrone Power

Hugh Brannum                      Bob Keeshan                           Hari Rhodes

Bob Burns                              Harvey Keitel                          John Russell

Drew Carey                             Brian Keith                             Robert Ryan

Philip Carey                            John Kellogg                           Richard Schall

Macdonald Carey                    Don Lauria                             George C. Scott

Barry Corbin                           Harvey Lembeck                     Raymond Serra

Bob Crosby                             Bill Lundigan                           Bo Svenson

Patrick Curtis                          Jock Mahoney                         Tad Van Brun

Brian Dennehy                         Lee Marvin                              Ralph Waite

Bradford Dillman                    Tim Matheson                          Dennis Waters

Dale Dye                                  Ed McMahon                           Robert Webber

R. Lee Ermey                           Steve McQueen                        James Whitmore

Mike Farrell                             John Miljan                             Larry Wilcox

Pat Flaherty                             Michael Murphy                       Jonathan Winters

Glenn Ford                              Warren Oates                            Burt Young

Clu Galager                             Hugh O'Brian                        

Christopher George                 Gerald O'Loughlin                

Scott Glenn                              Peter J. Ortiz                          

Gene Hackman                         Pat Paulsen                           

Lloyd Haynes                           George Peppard                     


It should also be noted that John Wayne wanted to join the Marine Corps but was unable to because of his football injuries.



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